Special actions


The hydroseeding is a bioengineering technique that uses a liquid medium, water, for deploy on specific surfaces, seeds and some other additional. This is done with hydroseeding, special machine specialist, whose tank are added to these materials. These are mixed in a continuous and homogeneous and distributed evenly over the grassy surface. Here we do a survey technician that takes into account the different methodologies intervention.



The hydroseeding aims to create a permanent vegetation cover in order to reduce creep surface water, reduction of leaf water, creation of basic coverage, the recovery of works of high impact, reducing that in a landscape than a purely aesthetic function.


Applications of hydroseeding

You can take action to:

  • revegetation of large areas: the ski slopes, areas subject to ground movement destruction of the turf, recovery of quarries, dumps, etc. .... In such cases the hydroseeding represents the only rational and economically acceptable to the formation of a new turf;
  • grass surfaces on steep slopes: slopes road, elevated green areas, greenfield airports in the area, pipelines, rock walls bare, reinforced concrete land, dams and river banks, in these cases there are specific technical problems in attainment areas for greening and here is the problem with hydroseeding exceeded. With the help of pumps the mixture is sprayed from spurts up to 50-60 meters away so easily reaching the surface to be treated;
  • Today, finally, there is a tendency to use hydroseeding for work on the Green in general (construction of parks, construction of sports fields, golf course, extraordinary maintenance of gardens etc ...).


Techniques provided by Dr. forestry engineer Patii Rodaro and the company Biasion at Bolzano as official supplier of high quality planting materials.