ITALIAGIARDINI il verde made in Italy

ITALIAGIARDINI was born in Latin America in 2001, the result of extensive knowledge of Mediterranean gardens in Italy and Europe. Now, our experience allows us to meet all the needs and desires of the customer.


The mission

Become the reference for all those who see in the garden essential quality of living of

everyday life.


Our work

PASSION: Love what we do

We love our job, and for that, we are reinforcing our commitment.

With the strength of emotions, fielding enthusiasm and devotion to give-the best in every



TRUST: Go together to go further

We believe in human and professional connections based on the comparison and team

spirit, because we know that the more we are united, the more we go away.


INTEGRITY: Follow the rules

We are ethically and fairly to wards people, being consistent in words and actions.



We have the power to take decisions, to confront and overcome difficulties, to assume

risks, even when not reckon.